Yeh hai Dilwalon ki Dilli


It is a sight to behold for years to come which occurred in the winding lanes of Old Delhi. Men folk of both the communities came out and greeted each other during a Shobha Yatra which was called to reinstall the idols in the Lal Kuan temple. The fear and anxiety forced women and children to stay indoors. However, this didn’t have any impact on the Yatra as at the very beginning of it, men from both ends showered petals and offered each other water bottles. This gesture was enough to diffuse the tension.

Not only this, after the procession was over, a Bhandaara was organized by the temple committee. This Bhandaara had the Muslim residents of the area serving food to the processionists. This gesture surely brought the smiles on the faces of residents and contributed towards a peaceful end to a very tense day. The Delhi Police which has done a commendable job and has earned support and respect from both the communities over the past week were also present in huge numbers.

Actually, the violence broke out between the two communities over a petty parking issue which resulted in the destruction of the Durga temple by the mob. The anger was then constrained by the two communities which formed an Aman committee in presence of the Delhi Police and reached to an agreement where Muslims agreed to repair the temple.

In absence of the conventional (political) leaders, the residents of Old Delhi took the matter in their hands and worked day and night to restore the peace in the area. All residents took it as a matter of pride and ensured that there was no disturbance during the course of Shobha Yatra to re-install idols at Lal Kuan.

This incident is an example of how people of this country may be divided on the basis of religion, language, state, caste, or for that matter anything. But they are united by a thread of humanity which is way above all these man-made divisions.


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