Why Knowing How to Cook is a Wonderful Gift


Not all of us know how to cook. But the good thing is that you don’t need to be an extraordinary cook to feed yourself; the basics do the trick. Home cooking has many benefits, not limited to just nutrition and pocket-friendliness.

Cooking is an essential life skill

Knowing how to cook comes handy when you are living alone. When you know how to whip up a few easy recipes, gorging on unhealthy takeout food out of cardboard boxes will seem like a bad secondary option.
The late Julia Child, a world famous American cook and author said, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” The movie Julie and Julia is a delightful portrayal of two true stories, wonderfully linked by cooking. It will inspire you to experiment in the kitchen, and make you realize that cooking is an essential life skill, one that all of us should try to learn.

Cooking is therapeutic

Did you know that our sense of smell comes from olfactory cells, which are directly connected to our brain? Has the smell of food ever taken you back in time, to a known place? Well, food has the power to trigger emotions and nostalgia.
You should know how to cook for the functional benefits, of course, but it can even be a leisure-time activity that relaxes you. Even peeling potatoes can be therapeutic. Cooking balances your life and your lifestyle!

Cooking can be rewarding

Cooking for loved ones can also be immensely rewarding. Just imagine your family’s surprise and delight if you offered to cook dinner for them!

Suppose it’s your friend’s birthday and you have two gift options: buying a delicious cake from a popular bakery or baking a delicious home-made cake with love. Now, imagine the look on your friend’s face if you baked the cake yourself! It will make your friend happy and in turn, you won’t stop beaming either.


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