What Can I Give? -A wonderful gem by a “funny guy”


“What Can I Give? Life lessons from My Teacher – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam” is a book written by Srijan Pal Singh in memory of the country’s most loved teacher. The author himself was the student of Dr. Kalam, who later also went on to became an Advisor to him.

The title of the book reads “What Can I Give?” which is quite ironic as this book offers a lot of insightful lessons that can be learned from the life of one of the greatest Indian of contemporary of our times. After getting hold of a copy of the book, I was not able to stop myself from flipping through the pages. As I turned pages; I understood the gravity that a great teacher possesses! Even through daily activities and discussions or through simple examples and stories, a teacher has a latent power to transform the life of a student. Valuing each lesson taught by his teacher beyond the classroom, Srijan Pal Singh narrates them in the most effective manner. He takes the readers to a journey where he recollects his mentor’s values, oaths and messages to the youth. The book is a timeless masterpiece of wisdom beautifully crafted by the author.

This “funny guy”, as Dr. Kalam would call him, kept his word to him by writing this memoir. This book is a successful attempt to immortalize the words and thoughts of a great teacher and will act as an inspiration for generations of students to come. This would encourage them to value their teacher and his teachings, just the way Dr. Kalam always did.

The book also features some never-before-seen photographs and encodes certain expressions that were classic to Dr. Kalam. This larger than life book leaves you wandering in a huge pool of thoughts to ponder upon even after you finish reading it. Well… as I said in the starting about the ironic title, the book ends with the same question – What Can I Give? In this whole process of reading, this book definitely gives you an insight on how to become a ‘good human’- A next-generation Kalam.

Video narrations of some of these lessons could also be found on  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9zlWmrJSLcJLG0N1qYRQwt6fciIp2ME



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