Watching films teaches you a great deal


Many educational institutions today are using films to teach various subjects to their students. As education and entertainment are intimately connected, teachers are trying to make learning in classroom more engaging with the use of films.

Intricate concepts in the arena of mental health such as Multiple personalities, Schizophrenia, Dyslexia and others are introduced to the students through films like Split, A Beautiful Mind, Taare Zameen Par and the likes.

Films not only bring out harsh realities of today but also help us understand how societies have changed over time. They teach us about historic events that have taken place, real life stories of people, evolution of societies, superstations and beliefs of people, movements and wars that have taken place, classic novels that had been written, cultural differences over different geographies and many other concepts hard to enlist.

Consumption and Trends

The Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry is estimated to grow at 14% in the next 3 years where India has been the largest movie producer since the last few years. Today most people are living a lifestyle which is extremely time bound and does not leave enough time for one’s self. With heavy working hours, people do not have time left to read long and detailed excerpts to understand concepts. The consumption of information through audio-visuals has increased dramatically and with the changing trends, people are scanning through information than reading most of it. Also, the short attention span today has led to a decrease in consumption of print information. Today a small segment of people is choosing books over movies. This does not imply that books are dying, it means that voracious readers exist in a smaller segment today than they did before.

The preference of watching movies rather than reading a book has increased as people find it less time consuming. Videos have a higher recall factor than that of print and thus people find it easier to reference to films than that to text.

What films have taught us

The Imitation game is an example of a film that does not only teach us about a history achievement but also shows us how homophobia was considered a crime back in the days and people were compelled to either hide their sexuality or get themselves castrated if known about. Another movie called Kapoor and Sons teaches us that conflict is inevitable, especially in families and the importance of communicating honestly even if it is to express our negative feelings.

Films are also a great way to teach children abstract concepts. The movie Frozen teaches our little girls that in reality you do not look beautiful when you wake up, the first guy you meet is not your prince charming, some people are worth the sacrifice and that family and some friends will always be by your side no matter what.

Coco another animated film gives us a window to the Mexican tradition of the ‘Day of the dead’. It emphasises on the concept of family legacy and though forgiveness maybe be tough but its better to forgive loved ones before they are gone.

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it,” Rafiki from The Lion King teaches us that the we should learn from our mistakes as they are part of everyone’s lives. We can either confront our trauma and learn from the past or run away from it and never learn.

Another major area of influence of films is the building up of a person’s personality. They influence the way we walk, what kind of clothes we wear, the language we use, the way we carry ourselves and our favourite character often becomes our role model.


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