Watch out for these global events in 2019


With a collective right wing shift in the world at large, and especially in India, United States and the United Kingdom, it would be interesting to see what 2019 brings. Whether the current geo-political climate would escalate or progressive politics would be saved, depends on how some of these following events pan out.

Will Trump face impeachment?

The drama of an impeachment may be too much for the United States at a time when Donald Trump is adamant on making bad policy decisions and pushing for financially draining border walls. He has now led the country into a trade war with China and the federal shutdown is also likely to continue till the end of this month. The Presidential campaign for 2020 will gain momentum in the second half of the year, and it seems like Trump is likely to complete his term because the alternative is to bear the brunt of further global criticism.

Will a Cold War II happen?

With American President Donald Trump withdrawing his military troops from Syria, Vladimir Putin-led Russia is likely to fill the vacuum.
Would the world be then, once again, be divided into super blocs?

Brexit deadline nears

The 21-month deadline for the United Kingdom to transition into a post-Brexit economy is 29th March. With the date nearing and with Theresa May failing to negotiate a consensus in the parliament as well as with the European Union, it is now a very strong possibility that the UK might leave the EU with no deal. If this happens, the economy may dwindle and remain volatile!

The world goes to polls

The general elections in South Africa are scheduled between May and August, while Argentina and Canada will go to polls in October. Voting in Israel is also likely to commence before November.

12th African games

The pan-Africa games held every 4 years are scheduled to be hosted by two cities for the first time! The 12th African Games will be held in Casablanca and Rabat in Morocco this year.


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