This start-up wants you to stay home, and it is using crowded localities of Ahmedabad, Gujarat to send the message.


Homelab has strategically picked billboards across the city of Ahmedabad telling people to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and away from crowds. The billboard, while it also promotes Work from home, uses a simple but powerful phrase “Staying home means saving lives.” Reiterating the message heard last night by the Prime Minister of India, the initiative taken by Homelab is forward-thinking and laudable. Slowing the spread of the novel Coronavirus can help healthcare providers and other officials better manage the number of illnesses as the pandemic plays out in India.

We have deliberately chosen the out of home advertisement medium in order to reach the masses and as many people as possible. We believe it is the best way to reach the Indian audience and hopefully, our small initiative will inspire people to take this crisis seriously,” says Aneri Patel, founder of Homelab.

Homelab has implemented a work from home policy for its 15 employees since Tuesday. It has also launched a design from the home initiative in order to complement the work from home policy. They are now educating and encouraging current and potential clients to also design from home by using the multiple digital tools available.

We look forward to seeing more such stories in India in the weeks to come.


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