The number one secret to living a long and healthy life revealed by a 109 year old woman!


Before she died at the age of 109, Jessie Gallan was the oldest woman living in Scotland. And her revealing of the main reason for her longevity, is funny and surprisingly simple.

If you think it is going to be exercise, eating healthy food, avoiding alcohol and keeping active, then the list would keep on going. But since we are here, you do not have to take a pen & paper to jot down the reasons, we will do it for you. Aren’t  we awesome!

The key to living a long and healthy life as per Jessie Gallan is avoiding men. Yes you read that right, as per her men are simply “more trouble than they’re worth”. Since the age of 13 after leaving home she has been living her whole life independently, working hard and providing for herself.She was described as “absolutely amazing” by the caregivers at the Gallan’s nursing home. Watch the video of the interview Gallan gave below, before her demise here

Gallan passed away in her nursing home in Scotland, but the staff and residents remember her as being full of life and fun.  It’s no wonder people thought she was interesting as her mantra was always like “stay away from men, and you’ll love a longer life”. As it turns out she was not alone in thinking that in order to become the best versions of oneself the secret to success and life is the focus on improving oneself.

Many people before they ever consider adding a partner to the mix are adopting independent lifestyles and focusing on getting what they want from their lives.  

For some men, and women too, they realize after reaching a certain age that they have given their best years to their partner and are scrambling to make up for lost time. This often leads to resentment,broken relationships and even divorce.Instead of focusing the youth on finding someone to spend the rest of the life with, why not focus on building yourself up so that when Mr. Right finally comes along you are already the best versions of yourself.   People still long to share their adventures and misadventures with their life partners even though the number of marriages is declining.

We might be more mature and responsible in our relationships, if we all can follow Gallan’s lead.Becoming who we are meant to be,putting our own needs first, and building our own wealth before we focus on others can lead to a great deal of  happiness,satisfaction, and independence that can contribute to successful and meaningful relationships in the future.

It seems though that some people are choosing to live the independent lifestyle for longer and longer while many people are waiting long enough to get into serious relationships. Famous people like George Clooney who stayed single until just recently, are getting in on the singles action despite millions of women falling all over him for decades.  

There were things that he wanted to check off his to-do list before settling down.Same in the case of women who are waiting longer to get married – if they do at all – and are waiting even longer to have children.

Couples were starting families earlier than they do today, some twenty odd years ago. So it is not uncommon for women to wait until they are nearly 40 years old before even considering having a baby.   

So if you are in for some advice for a long & prosperous life, take it from Jessie Gallan and leave relationships out of your life for as long as possible.They’ll steal your focus away and just slow you down from the other amazing things you could be doing with your life.

But if you are in a relationship or going to be in one, then give your full attention. Be the best partner you can be. Because living your life to the fullest can be much more amazing and fulfilling in the end if you can share it with someone overlooking minor difficulties.

So, the moral of the story is eat your dinner,make your bed & steer clear of relationships in general,if you want to “live long and prosper”!



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