Terrorism is not equivalent to Islam


How would you define terrorism?

Would you call it an act of a small group of people that claim themselves to be the believers of Islam and go around killing people? Certainly, this is a form of terrorism. But this is not the only form of terrorism. Actually, terrorism has no religion. Just think about it, will your religion justify the mass killing of innocent people? If not, then how are you assuming that Islam or any other so-called religion defend it?

Now, raises another question, “why are all terrorists always Muslims?”

Well, there is a fault in the question itself. How can all terrorists be Muslims? Agreed that the majority of the attacks have been done by Muslims. But history has an even longer list of mass killings, where there was no contribution of Muslims.

Adolf Hitler had no relation with Islam

Mao Tse Tung had no relation with Islam

Joseph Stalin was not Muslim

Muslims were not behind the World Wars

The majority of gun attacks and consequent deaths have nothing to do with Muslims or Islam

And so on… This list is long.

Then why have we tagged Islam as the religion of terrorists?  If you are still not convinced with what I am trying to say, just bare me for few more minutes and read below.

We are living in a world which is too busy dealing with the acts of violence and terrorism, especially the ones which are carried out by Muslims. Not very far from our places, are countries like Gaza, Syria, Libya, and Myanmar. Have you heard their names before? I’ll not be surprised if the answer is no. These are the countries where the culprits and traitors are not Muslims, but they definitely are the victims of the worst kind of violation of Human Rights. Terrorism in these countries is not that famous in media partly because there is no Muslim cause of the suffering.

Let’s be practical. There is no religion of terrorism. Tagging Islam and Muslims as terrorists are prejudice that we have been doing for a long time now. We must stop it now. No religion on this planet promotes or justifies the mass killing of innocent.

And the term ‘jihad’ which you would often hear these so-called “terrorist leaders” using has nothing to with the killing of innocent people. This term literally means to struggle against anything bad. It could be a bad habit or resistance against something wrong. This term is misused to by the terrorist outfits to influence the youth to join their heinous crime.




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