Smiling Faces of Medical Staff in Wuhan After Treating Coronavirus Patients for Hours


Medical professionals are the ones who shoulder the most critical responsibility during any health crisis. Treating hundreds of people in flooded hospitals with a shortage of supplies is not a cakewalk. Doctors and nurses in Wuhan are doing exemplary work by facing coronavirus every day and risking their lives while treating infected patients.

The recent outbreak of this deadly virus is testing the latent power of the healthcare system of China and there is no way as to why the medical staff would not be feeling the load.

Yet, in a photo of a female staff of the Wuhan Tianmen Hospital which went viral of the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, you can find her smiling. The photo was taken at the moment just after she took off her mask and other protective clothing after a long 12-hour shift.

After this photo, several photos of medical professionals were shared on various media channels and portals, just after they took their mask off.

It is not every day that we get to witness the faces of real heroes who fight such an epidemic and yet remain far away from the required recognition.

An exhausted face with the marks of the protective gear and a tired yet faint smile is all that we see in the photos.

While these photos are proof of the beautiful hearts these brave professionals have which is making them smile against all the odds. It is also hiding the big problem of 12-hour long shifts. These people have been working non-stop to manage the increasing number of patients in hospitals. All they get is patients in pain and coughing all night long.

Thankfully, the Chinese government has now mobilized over 6,000 medical professionals to help these exhausted colleagues in Wuhan. Also, the Chinese army, navy and air force have also joined the battle have sent doctors to the major hospitals of Wuhan to treat the patients. Hopefully, these doctors and nurses will now get some fair amount of rest.


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