Over 300 Kg of Plastic Waste Cleaned Up by Volunteers in Thane


Over 300 Kgs of mixed plastic waste were collected by youth volunteers in a clean-up drive organised by the nonprofit HOPE: Healing Our Planet Earth, at Yeoor Hills in Thane.

HOPE is an NGO based in Mumbai. The drive was conducted as part of their “Plastic-Free Climate Change Movement” aimed at creating awareness about climate change. The volunteers covered a radius of 30 km around the hill, collecting all forms and shapes of plastic waste. The collected waste was subsequently handed over to a recycling unit post segregation.

TMC School, Yeoor also supported the conduct of a global climate crisis awareness orientation for the 250+ underprivileged kids residing in the area. The kids will be educated about the fundamentals of upcycling and plastic waste management.

The organisation is actively urging citizens to adopt a zero-waste policy and reduce their carbon footprint. This is the first of a string of macro-social rural campaigns hosted by HOPE as
Earth Day 2020 approaches, to create a substantial positive impact in the environment of Thane.
“Taking a stand for a plastic free society will be our initial step. HOPE would be constructively taking measures related with plastic waste management and up-cycling further reprocessing the abundant unorganised plastics which is contaminating the environment”, said Parthsarthi Singh, founder of HOPE.

The problem of plastic is a colossal one. Half of all plastic products are designed to be used only once and then thrown away; this has severe environmental consequences. In these times, the concepts of upcycling and zero waste can really take us a long way. Such movements will serve as revolutionary trendsetters and will certainly ensure a cleaner and greener future for all.



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