Meet the “Bhopal Man” who is Rescuing Migrant Workers in These Times of Crisis


With the announcement of the 21 days lockdown, a week ago, there are a large number of immigrants who are walking back to their homes in villages as there is no work left for them in the cities. These people have been left in the middle during this crisis and have nowhere to go.

Amidst all the best effort that the government is putting, there are distressed families falling through the crack. During this total lockdown, the Bhopal team of Kalam Centre is reaching out to this vulnerable section of the society including the daily wage earners, vendors and the gig-economy workers. Kalam Centre works across 14 states and 40 cities of India to take forward the vision of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India. It was founded by his advisor and co-author, Srijan Pal Singh in 2015.

A team of six members are reaching out to the remotest location and tapping all these migrants and providing them the basics depending upon their needs. There are families who when supplied with the food for a week will be able to cook their meal but there are many families who have been laid off and now have no shelter to reside need to be taken care of by providing them home-cooked food. All the necessary hygiene precautions of wearing gloves, using and sanitizers and wearing masks are being taken during the food distribution and other otherwise.

The team has already coordinated with a few volunteers in the local communities who are lending their support for this noble cause and are working closely with the government authorities with due permissions and approvals. 

So far, they have been able to help a total of 400 to 500 migrants every day by providing them personal transport and food packets. Also, they have been able to reach out to 4,000 to 5,000 family members by providing them groceries, sanitizers and masks.

Javed Baig from Kalam Centre team Bhopal said “I was totally moved by the plight of the people who were helpless and on roads overnight. At that moment,  waiting for the authority’s permission, to begin with, would not have sufficed the need of the hour. So, I immediately called some of my close friends and people from the local community and started helping these vulnerable sections of the society in their time of need.”

Indeed people like him and his team restore our faith in humanity. They make us believe that there is a strong bond that connects each one of us with one another.


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