India goes down on the Global Hunger Index


It was the normal Wednesday morning for everyone but a reason to celebrate for foodies across the world. Why would someone celebrate, it was the World Food Day! 

16th October is observed as World Food Day across the world. But on 16th October 2019, it was a day of realization for India. The Global Hunger Index was released yesterday. The irony of this day in India was that it ranked 102 out of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index. The matter became worse when we found out that India was ranked below its neighbors Nepal, Bangladesh and the brothers Pakistan.

The index was released appeared in newspapers, less focussed on digital media and life moved on. Is this the way we are going to solve our social issues? The rhetoric which is being created isn’t letting the Indians focus on what is needed to be focussed upon. 

However, India has shown improvement in some of the indicators of the Index such as the prevalence of stunting among children, the prevalence of undernourishment due to inadequate food and the under 5 mortality rate.

The report also talks about the Swachh Bharat Initiative of the Central Government saying open defecation is still being practiced. 

Though we need a huge push towards industrialization a lot of effort is required to improve the socio-economic situation of the country.


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