In Russia, if the government demands it, Tinder will have to hand over user data


Tinder is a part of a list of internet facilities working in Russia that is needed to store user data for six months when requested and disclose it to the government.

Dating app Tinder is now needed to provide Russian intelligence organizations with user data, the communications regulator of the country said on Monday (5th June 2019). The app has been included in a fresh list of internet facilities working in Russia requiring Russian officials, including the FSB security agency, to provide user-on-demand information.

Lately, Russia has enacted a flurry of legislation to tighten control of internet activity. Internet firms are needed, among other things, to store user data worth six months and be prepared to hand it over to officials.

The communications regulator said Monday that Tinder shared business data with them and is now on the list of internet applications and websites expected to collaborate with the FSB.

Last year, Russian officials issued an order prohibiting the Telegram messaging app after refusing to supply user data as needed by Russian law. Tinder wasn’t accessible for comment instantly.


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