If you arrest cops over those who threaten them with swords, forget about law and order!


We are from a country where great power resides in public pressure. The decision of what is right and wrong is based entirely on ‘emotion’. Not to forget, the size of crowd which gathers also plays a key role in this decision.

The matter which I am talking about is of suspension of three Delhi police officers on June 16 in response to the violence which broke out in Mukherjee Nagar over a tempo driver clashing with a police officer. According to a video of brawl which went viral just after the incident, the matter started after a Gramin Sewa vehicle which was reportedly driven by Sarabjeet Singh hit a police van. Following this, a police office (in plainclothes) asked him to bring the vehicle to the police station, at this point he started to point his sword and tried to intimidate the official.

The officer than went to the nearest police station to call for help. When more officals came and they tried to grab him, he reportedly hit one of them on the head with the sword. After this the police officers took control of the situation and rained lathis and blows to subdue him. Singh’s son, who was with him, then drove the vehicle into the commotion and reportedly hitting the officers. The officials then got hold of the young son too. After this what happened was completely unexpected and unnecessary. A short while after their arrest, a massive crowd descended on the local police station to protest.

Keeping the violence of the entire incident aside, it was shocking to see how can a man wield a sword at an officer on duty and then because the whole community steps in to support him, three officers are suspended.

No “civilized” society has ever allowed and should ever allow people to carry weapons with them and if they do, flashing them at people who are responsible for enforcing law and order on the area is highly unacceptable. How will police officers work if everybody starts threatening them with weapons? And on the top of that, we are suspending the officers who were shown sword just because a mob of 500 Sikh men had gatheres outside the police station in their support.

This is exactly how jungle raj looks like! What is wrong is wrong, even if everybody is doing it. This is a very basic common sense which has been missing from our society since ages.

I am not justifying the brutal behaviour which these officers did with Singh, but to turn the heat entirely on police officers is also completely unjustified. This makes me think and question — is manufacturing public anger in the name of keeping religious freedom of wielding sword not a disservice to the men in uniform who are performing their duties even in heat and dust?

One can easily draw a moral from this lesson that it is okay to misbehave with the men in uniform or any law enforcement agency for that matter by just using the religious ‘trump’ card.

That’s a matter of huge concern.


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