Humanity still exists, as a Muslim man breaks roza to help a pregnant Hindu woman


What is that one thing which resides over all castes, all religions, all societal barriers?

Well, the answer is  “Humanity”.

A man from Rajasthan broke Roza to donate blood to a pregnant woman in need who had developed complications in her pregnancy.

The man or rather the ”Hero” of this story is Ashraf Khan. He is preparing to join the Indian Army, and the Army might need soldiers like him to help serve the people of this nation.

We all know that this is the month of Ramadan, one of the biggest festivals celebrated across India. When millions of Muslims are fasting during this holy month, a certain 22-year old from Ladnun town of Nagaur district came across a social media message on Saturday (25th May,2019) that the woman, Savitri Devi was in dire need of blood as she had a low hemoglobin level  and therefore needed a blood transfusion. So without giving a thought, Ashraf contacted on the given number in the message and broke his Roza and went to donate blood.

As per the TOI report, he quoted,  “I saw the message with the number of a person who urgently required B-blood for his sister-in-law. I immediately contacted the person and, initially, told them that I can come in the evening as I was fasting. But the family members told me that the doctors had asked them to arrange for the blood immediately as she had developed complications”.

For readers who don’t know the core value of Ramadan, the holy act of fasting is universal – to help people learn how to resist temptations. Those who practice this observe a fast from dusk to dawn.

So, this makes this story all the more special, because humanity truly is powerful and above all things, man has created for himself.

A man in Assam broke his fast in a similar case on May 14 to donate blood to a Hindu patient. Mangaldoi district’s 26-year-old Panaulla Ahmad decided to break his fast when a patient needed two O-positive blood units.

These stories help reaffirm our faith in the saying, “People are divided by religion and united by humanity”.


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