How Information Technology is all around and assisting us


As we look around us, Information Technology (IT) is assisting us in almost every aspect of life today. We are all experiencing it, learning to use it and living with it.
Computers have changed how people work and have opened new means of acquiring knowledge and skills for au-courant individuals. It has brought innumerable advances to many fields of study as well as in the lives of many people.

IT in Business and Entrepreneurship

Today’s global markets have made it impossible to run a business without the use of computer technology. Many business activities are performed very quickly and efficiently using computers. Technology is making it easier than ever to turn a product into a service. This means our hardware stores are transformed into tool libraries, our car dealerships into car-share programs, even the stuff in our closet into a neighborhood rental system. Most of this is thanks to the Internet and social networking sites connecting people to each other and the stuff we can share. Smart phone apps have made this easier than ever!

IT in Entertainment

We can watch movies, television programs, listen to songs, and play games on the internet- all because of the IT revolution that the country has seen in the past years. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. have revolutionized the entertainment industry and are huge craze among youngsters today. At the same time, there are a variety of mobile-based apps available to keep us entertained like Netflix and Hotstar, to name a few. IT has also proved to be a boon for young, independent creators and artists whether it is reaching out to potential collaborators or an audience!

IT in Education

There are many databases of journals and research available online. Even traditional libraries are benefiting from it. Students can access curriculum and complete assignments using a computer.  They can keep in touch with their teachers and communicate quicker with the aide of the computer. With the introduction of smart-classrooms, the learning process has become easier and access to quality materials has expanded. Be it the free educational content and explanatory videos on platforms like YouTube, or the MOOCs for inquisitive college students being run on Coursera, edX etc., IT has been instrumental in knowledge sharing!

IT in Banking Sector

Banks use IT for record keeping and maintaining accounts of customers. Most of the banks provide the facility of ATMs. The customers can draw money through ATM card from any branch of that bank (or another bank) at any time of a day. IT has increased the level of competition and made banks integrate new technologies in order to satisfy their customers, ranging from Self-inquiry facility to Anytime-Anywhere banking, Tele-banking, Electronic banking, Mobile banking etc.

IT in Communications

With live discussions through Skype, we can communicate with friends and family members from across the globe. With the advent of smartphones and cheaper data plans, it has become even easier. This is nothing but a gift of IT. There is a myriad of messaging apps in the market including WhatsApp, Telegram and the like that prove to be an effective tool for instant communication. We can share information from anywhere, anytime through web casts – transmission of live images and videos, and talk to anyone from anywhere. Use of IT in the communication sector has proven to be a boon for businesses and other critical sectors such as healthcare.


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