Heartfelt letter to Chocolate by an ardent chocolate lover!


Dearest Chocolate,

I am writing this letter to express my true feelings for you….

When I was first introduced to 5-star bar, probably twenty three years ago, my life changed forever and that too for better (except for the weight :P). My taste buds went on a joy ride and I instantly fell in love with your rich and creamy goodness instantly.

As the years went by, my appreciation and love for you multiplied many folds. I realized that you had a super power to completely change my mood make me instantly happy. On a bad day, I exactly knew whom I just rely upon. The regret of over binging (if ever) took over once the bar was over, not before that.

Thank you for throwing some wisdom upon me every time I open a box of Alpino chocolates. Thank you for reminding me that I should treat myself more often in life. Thank you for being perfect amalgamation of goodness and cocoa, especially when I am in trouble or need to satisfy my taste buds.

One of the reasons which make me fall for you every time I come across you is variety of forms in which you are available and trust me you rock in every form. Lindt dark chocolate…. Don’t have enough words to describe the magic you create. Nutella… unbelivebale combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Ferro Rocher… mouth-watering. Dairy Milk Silk makes me go weak. The list goes on and on. Okay, I’ll not extent this further; I guess you got the point.

Our relationship turned from “always together” to a “bit complicated” because of your high calorie content. Then came the dark form of yours at rescue. I know you are not the greatest thing which I should eat but I simply can’t deny that you’ll always be my companion.

Nothing comforts me the way you do when time gets tough or when I am super stressed out. You are always there to make me feel better.

We have had our share of rough patches throughout my life. As I reached teenage, I realized that I couldn’t simply eat as much of you as I want. This is when I realized that you were both a blessing as well as a curse. Too much eating would result in weight gain while too much restriction would make me feel bad about myself.

This was the time I started to avoid you in order to look good and hence feel better. However, just recently, I realized that the problem was never you. Rather, there was a problem with my understanding of self-control. I also learned to appreciate you more as I binged upon small portions of you.

I would never believe that I will ever be sick because of you. Nothing in this world compares to the pleasure that your mouth-watering aroma and taste brings in. You are incredibly satisfying for the taste buds and I would not trade you for anything in this world (except for ice-cream)

Loads of Love,

Ardent Chocolate Lover


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