Extracting drinking water from enormous lakes in the sky!


This is the universal fact that the air, from the sandy desert to humid rainforests to cities, all contains moisture. According to estimates, 12900 BCM of water is suspended in the atmosphere as humidity around us. Here we are not talking about the clouds or the humidity in the air we breathe, rather about the dew you’ll find on grass in mornings or the water droplets you’ll see outside a cold water glass on a hot day. To harness this moisture, convert it into drinkable water and make that water accessible to all is the aim of a sustainable water Startup called Zero Mass. Launched in 2015, the product is known as ‘source’ and is essentially a solar panel array that harvests and filters moisture from air. Each such panel costs about $2,000 and generates about 2-5 litre of water a day, depending upon humidity and sunlight!

The panels use sunlight to produce heat, which allows them to collect water vapours from the air. The harvested vapour is sterilized and turned into a liquid and then the device adds minerals to reach the desired pH levels. The water is then stored in a reservoir beneath the panels that can hold up to 30 litres of water. This water then travels through a pipe to the nozzle.The arrays are customized based on the customer’s need. For instance, a Source for a home has two panels, while for a school in city with 50 students has 10 panels. Zero Mass tracks the Sources’ outputs to ensure that everything is working properly, using the sensors installed in the arrays. The team studies data points, like pH levels, temperature, and humidity, to maximize the amount of water each array produces.


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