Delhi Metro doing a lot more than just unclogging Delhi!



Dilli ki Jaan aur Shaan,

aka Delhi Metro,

There is furore all around due to the cutting of trees in Aarey Colony, Mumbai and in other part of the globe, a girl called Greta Thunberg is going angry day by day due to the concern she has for coming generations.

#Save AArey and How dare you ? is going viral day by day. All such news are putting shadow on some of the positive news which should have come up, focussed upon and lauded by Netizens. But who cares?

Delhi metro is one of the longest metro networks across India spanning for a cobweb of 377 kilometres in and around Delhi. Delhi metro services has always been in the news for being perfect and exemplary. From reducing carbon footprints to being on time, Delhi metro has been an example for other metro networks coming up in India. 

In a recent event, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation came up with it’s data for protecting trees. Until the completion of Phase 3 of the Delhi Metro project, it didn’t only have to cut trees but to also modify their project alignments to save the important monuments across Delhi. Delhi metro was given permission to fell 56000 trees for their project but they managed to save 12580 trees from those 56000. Not only that they also planted 10 trees for every 1 tree felling down. According to DMRC data, they planted 5,35,150 trees to compensate for the cutting of 43000 trees and the survival rate has been 80% of those trees.

Not only that, during Phase 1 of the project, the metro had to build a depot near Khyber pass over a closed landfill. They flattened the landfill with fresh silt and built and underground depot over there. Provisions for flaring methane from the landfill were also made.

During the construction of heritage line, which was to pass from near Jantar Mantar, Agrasen ki Baoli Khooni Darwaja and Delhi Gate, Feroz Shah Kotla, Shahi Sunehri Masjid and Lal Qila, the metro had to shift its alignment of up and down lines.

While dewatering some of the areas due to the construction of Metro in Phase 1 DMRC adopted the approach of giving the water to Chandrawal water works. DMRC also used the same water to rejuvenate and revive the Sarpakar Lake.

In a recent move Delhi Metro started battery bicycle services at 20 Delhi Metro stations planning to take move further.

Hats off to Delhi Metro. Keep moving and keep mentoring. 


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