Dear Rohit Sharma, shine on!


Dear Rohit,

This is to inform you that this letter is neither a normal letter nor a fangirl moment. Rather it is an opportunity I have always craved to write on. I have been seriously following cricket since the mid-2000s, when a certain Mumbai boy happened to Indian cricket; a fresh, young and hardworking talent learning cricket at the international level. And then that half-century in ICC World T-20 2007 against South Africa was enough to provide all the answers to all the questions. Since then there has been no looking back! You have subsequently and continuously added more and more feathers to your cap and made me admire your shots as time passed.

2010 was the year that made me realise how much I was in awe with your batting. It was the magic of those consecutive ODI centuries that attracted me to TV like a magnet. It was an unadulterated fan girl material where numbers and performances are seldom taken into account. You have been criticized for not scoring big many a time, but none of those could affect the image you had created on my mind. In the era of Virat Kohli, I am proud to say that I am a Ro-Hitman fan.

Then came IPL, for the initial two seasons, you were a part of Deccan Chargers. Then you joined Mumbai Indians and despite Sachin Tendulkar leading the team, there was a silly girl shouting her guts out ‘Rohit’, ‘Rohit’ every time there was your match in Delhi. Then you took the throne from the greats of the game and led MI to the title. You’ll never be able to even guess my reaction when MI won the title in 2013. I was jumping up and down like a yoyo all over the house. It was after this victory only that I got to know the secret behind your jersey number; I got to know why 9 was lucky for you. It is under your captaincy that MI has won three IPL titles, along with the likes of MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir.

You are unstoppable when the team is in dire need of a saviour. Now, this team can be Indian team or MI. On rare cases when you are unable to deliver what was expected from you, it is okay! Every batsman goes through highs and lows.

You hate when somebody uses the word ‘gifted’ for you but the truth is there are only a few players who ‘blessed’ with such great cricketing skills and talent. I guess, blessed seems a better word!

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. There are certainly not many players whose charm soothes the eye and whose impression cannot be easily forgotten. Undoubtedly, there has not been and there is no chance in the future that another “HitMan” will happen to the world.

Shine On, Rohit Sharma.

Your’s truly,

An unknown admirer forever!


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