Chinese man develops a lung infection after sniffing his socks every day


We all have some kind of weird and peculiar that probably doesn’t even makes sense to anybody else.  One such habit of this Chinese man has landed him to the hospital. The 37-year old Peng had apparently developed a strange habit of sniffing his dirty, worn socks every day after he finished work.

While this might sound harmless but in reality, it is not. The socks which he smelled everyday were laden with a fungus that had developed in his footwear because of his sweaty feet. As he sniffed the socks, he also inhaled the fungal spores. The spores reached his lungs and caused him a severe lung infection.

The spread of the infection was confirmed by an X-ray done in the hospital. The doctors also confirmed that he had developed this infection because of his bizarre habit of sniffing his own dirty socks. According to the doctors of the hospital to which he is admitted in the city of Zhangzhou, his immune system was already weak due to lack of sleep and other factors, hence it was not very difficult for the fungus to spread.


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