China Nurses Are Shaving Their Heads To Stop Coronavirus Spread


ChinaThe entire China is currently battling with the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic which has already taken toll of over 1000 lives and has affected over 50,000 in China itself and many others across the globe. This deadly virus has already crossed the death toll caused by SARS in 2002-2004.

Amidst this medical emergency, medical professionals, doctors and nurses are the unsung heroes who despite all odds are making every possible attempt to save the lives of common citizens who have been affected by the novel coronavirus.

And now these efforts have reached to another level. According to photos surfacing on several Chinese news portals, nurses in China are now voluntarily shaving their heads off to limit the risk of cross-contamination while combatting Coronavirus.

Why shave head?

This is already known that this novel coronavirus spreads through human contact. This means, it also spreads through the shedding of hair or natural hair loss. While the head is shaved, the risk of spreading virus through this channel would be drastically reduced.

Various nurses have shared the videos of them shaving their heads on Chinese social media platforms. They have revealed that they want to limit the transmission of coronavirus and also that shaving would make it more convenient for them to wear a hazmat suits.

The battle against this deadly virus hasn’t been easy for the medical professional, doctors and nurses from the very beginning. Many have experienced and many are right now experiencing severe skin burns due to constant use of bleach-based disinfectants.

With the ever-increasing number of patients in hospitals to treat, they don’t even get time to go to the washroom and are relying on diapers whole day. Many aren’t getting time to sleep for at least eight hours due to flooded hospitals.



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