China is allegedly selling PPE kits and masks that Italy donated to it few months ago… Back to Italy


As the coronavirus cases have started to decline in China, it has started to project its image of the ‘global friend’ who is readily helping all the countries in need. However, the reports seem to suggest something absolutely opposite.

When China was battling to contain the coronavirus, as a goodwill gesture, Italy reportedly donated PPE kits and masks to it. Now, when Italy is having a hard time because of the virus, China came forward to help the country. However, as per a report of The Spectator, China instead of donating these items is selling the PPE kits to Italy, which the latter donated in the first place.

A senior administration official of the United States government told The Spectator, “Before the virus hit Europe, Italy sent tons of PPE to China to help China protect its own population. China then has sent Italian PPE back to Italy — some of it, not even all of it … and charged them for it.

If true, this is not the first case of alleged “help” to the affected nations. Spain returned the faulty package of 50,000 testing kits back to China as the detection rate of these kits was nearly 30%. The same was the case of the Czech Republic. If reports are to be believed from the Pakistani local media, China has sent its all-weather-friend face masks made of undergarments.

Recently, the Netherlands also withdrew the shipped Chinese masks when they failed to meet the safety standards.

It’s so disingenuous for Chinese officials now to say we are the ones who are helping the Italians or we are the ones who are helping the developing world… Of course, they should be helping. They have a special responsibility to help because they are the ones who began the spread of the coronavirus and did not give the information required to the rest of the world to plan accordingly,” The Spectator quoted the official.

This is not ethically correct to make profit in these times of crisis, is it? Especially when the damage is at global scale.


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