As you sow, so shall you reap: Idiom personified


Homo sapiens are the worst species inhabiting this planet. At first glance, this statement might seem too harsh for us. But when you would analyze our actions, you would find that my word selection is very subtle to our actions. We are the “intelligent’ species of this planet that put price tags on animal parts and even pose pictures with them as ‘trophies’.

Every part of the world has tried to stop this showcase of power and put a stop on poaching by increasing the security around wildlife sanctuaries and parks. There are also very strict laws against the hunting of animals. Nevertheless, when was the last time you remember that the rules were followed properly? Probably, this is why now the animals have taken the matter into their own hands/feet/paws.

The Kruger National Park, South Africa, is one of the largest reserves of animals in South Africa. Last week, this reserved witnessed something horrible yet praiseworthy.

As the reports, a group of five poachers entered the park to hunt down Rhinos. Unfortunately, one of them died from an elephant attack. Then, his mortal remains became food for a pride of lions. The park officials only recovered a human skull and trouser on the suspected spot the poacher died. The police had also arrested the other four of his accomplices and have recovered hunting ammunition from them. Glenn Phillips, the Managing Executive of the park offered his condolences to the deceased soul and also emphasized that illegal entry into the park is very dangerous.

This incident teaches us that poaching is a terrible practice which results in loss of life of both humans and animals.



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