America, Great Again?


“I Donald John Trump do solemnly swear …………..” with these words Donald Trump the billionaire real estate developer known more for the controversial things he says, became the most powerful man of the free world.  While somewhere celebrating Trump taking the office, many acknowledged it as the darkest day of American history. While Trump was swearing-in, many were on the streets refusing him as their president. Even after getting 3 million fewer votes than Hillary, Trump with 304 electoral votes won the presidential elections in 2016. And with Trump running again for office, with all controversies about how he is as a man aside, let’s just check things he and his administration has done over the past 4 years. The entire Trump campaign was filled with controversies and yet the slogan “Make America great again” stood strong and took Trump to victory. And so we must ask ourselves, “America, Great again?”

After the world realized that Donald Trump was their next president, many were questioning the involvement of Russia in the US presidential elections. Some even believed that Trump “had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests”. The FBI even opened up an inquiry about the same. In response to this, Trump fired the then FBI Director citing former law enforcement officials and others the paper said were familiar with the probe. Even though the administration said it over and over again that it had nothing to do with the Russian influence in the election investigation, it still is hard to believe that given the timing of the move. One of the key issues around which the Trump campaign revolved was the issue of illegal immigrants. Trump right from the very beginning was against the idea of allowing people from other countries coming into the States and in many of his speeches talked about how he wants to give the jobs taken by these people back to the Americans.. Even though his hard stance on immigration and H1B visas seem inappropriate from a humanitarian and “Fair Competition” point of view, it is indeed very hard to ignore the lowest unemployment rate of 3.4% in September 2019 is hard to neglect given the economic slowdown other countries are fighting with.

The effects of any foreign policy change in the United States are not local to States but rather have an impact on the entire world. In 2017, when the North Korean dictator was boosting about its nuclear power, Trump publically said that Pyongyang will “face fire and fury as the world has never seen.” While everyone felt that the two leaders were taking the world closer to a nuclear war, however, his approach forced Kim, the North Korean dictator to begin a dialogue with the US in form of the 2 meets that they have had in Singapore. His efforts to expand domestic energy production along with sanctions on major oil-producing nations like Russia and Iran made the US the largest oil-exporting nation. Though many people might have not noticed it, he actually has passed multiple legislations with bipartisan support. In the 115th Congress (2018-till date), almost 70% of the bills enacted into law were passed by bipartisan support (the bill had at least 1 Democratic and 1 Republican co-sponsor) which is the highest in the past 20 years.

It is safe to say that these 4 years of his presidency have been 4 years of controversies. However, the recent controversy is at par with almost all the controversies he has ever faced. According to a whistleblower, the president misused his powers to pressurize the Ukrainian counterpart to start an investigation against a company having direct links with one of his political opponent and potential nominee of the Democrats for the Presidential election 2020 Joe Biden. Since investigations are underway, it is indeed clear that the president needs to pass this test before he could run again for 2020. The president is in a really bad position since the Republicans do not have a strong face to replace the president, and it is almost certain that the Democrats will try to impeach him and because the elections are underway, he would think twice before making any decision that sparks another controversy.

After considering all the facts it would only be fair to say that he might not be the best president of the United States of America but he is not as bad as people four years back were thinking he could be. Yes, it’s true that the president can’t stay away from controversies; still, a lot of policy changes and laws brought in by the government have actually been beneficial for the people of the United States.


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