NewsCusp Startup Stories – Chapter 1: Aezowie Infotech


Every startup begins with a single decision and behind that decision is not just the dream and vision one has for himself but it’s about having the courage to take that very first step—to start.

So in this series, we bring forth the startup stories of young bright minds of AKTU (Abdul Kalam Technical University) their ideas, personal struggles, uncommon lifestyles and eventually overcoming all adversities.

We scoured the web and talked to them at length to find out how these innovators translated their life experiences into a startup.

Starting off this series is the story of ”Aezowie Infotech Services Private Limited”.

Aezowie Infotech was founded by a 22 year old entrepreneur Surya Pratap Singh who is also an Indian cyber security expert, author, mentalist and an artist.

The Origins

Surya since birth was always inclined towards Arts and other activities which allowed him to use his creativity. While most children at that age were involved in outdoor activities and carrying on with their usual school routine. Surya had other plans. He loved Computers and started taking interest in Ethical Hacking, Graphic Designing, Development and Technology.

No wonder, he cites Steve Jobs (Co-Founder of Apple) as his biggest inspiration.

At the age of 16, Surya developed his first computer software for his school. He was in 11th class when he developed his first GUI based software named Report Card Builder. What’s interesting to note is that despite taking physical education as an extracurricular subject, he found himself in computer labs reading books and practicing and enhancing his knowledge about computers and software.

In an interesting turn of events, Surya failed his Class 12th Board Exams next year but that did not deter him as he was buoyed by the success of his software Report Card Builder and this success then enabled him to take up Computer Science as his main subject in Engineering and he successfully completed his B.Tech from MIT, Moradabad (UP).

Tough choice to make

But after his engineering, life for him was not all bed of roses, in today’s day and age where there are thousands of engineering colleges in every state and so many fewer employers to take in candidates, Surya had a tough choice to make, either he too can be one amongst the many applicants who sit in long interview queues and wait for his turn or he can do something which can be a life-defining moment for him.

And this is where his second inspiration comes into play and that inspiration is none other than our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Just like our honorable PM, Surya also wanted to do something for his people, his society, his country and wants to be an inspiration for young kids who dream of becoming entrepreneurs. No wonder, the tagline of the company is “Push this human race forward”.

In that vein, he opened his own startup Aezowie Infotech Services Private Limited on 2nd August,2017 which was inaugurated by IAS C. Indumati (CDO of Moradabad at that time) and at the time of Inauguration he said, “ It took a lot of tiny steps to get where we are today” and indeed it was an inspirational journey of a boy who made his first software at the age of 16 to a man who is now a CEO and founder of his own company.

But what great story is without its fair share of challenges and critiques. Surya says, “One of the biggest challenges that we face is underestimation. Whenever we meet with any government official, the response we get is that we are too young or not that mature and have no idea of what we are doing”.

But that did not stop him from not trying and not break new barriers. Aezowie’s innovative software products such as IT Wala and Hacking Club have set technological standards right from the start and are now known for their advanced, mature technology and usability. IT Wala provides IT services via their IT Wala app and Hacking Club provides professional IT courses in a unique and innovative manner.

Currently, they have their app available on Google Play Store and have also opened up and Hacking Club Institute in Moradabad. Surya says “ We are working day and night to make both our products a success and we are also working to spread this concept in other cities too”.

Into the future

Working on this concept for more than 2 years, Surya now aims to make his company a global giant within the next 3 years. He wants to open up an institute for creative people like him as he believes “Creativity comes first and language comes later”.

Well from making his first software at the age of 16 to founding his own company, this story will surely inspire million other young kids and will definitely take our nation forward in a positive direction.

Cheers to you, Surya!


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