2019 elections: The all-pervasive role of youth


Isn’t it a great thing to get an opportunity to exercise your right to vote? The fact that now we are adults should not be misled but understood as a responsibility to become an agent for change. Look around realise what are issues that should be resolved for you being the hope for the society that you will shape the nearer future.

Most of us, including me, will be voting for the first time for the general assembly elections 2019. But what do we really seek out of this democratic benefit? Would it be enough to hit the button on the EVM and masking that vote count? Let me help you then. No, we are responsible for the government ahead. We belong to the larger section of India which will be voting, we are the youthful people of India. But it’s painful to see the ignorance of youth towards what’s happening in the country. Here are the roles that youth should play for the upcoming elections

Promote the right

If you support a particular political party you should be aware of the extent of work their leader has done so far and will be doing in future. Don’t be a follower but an objective propagator. Let others know about them through your discussions with the factual objectivity.

Stop complaining

Elections are a few months away and now the time for blame game has already been playing well in the last 5 years. You have witnessed the GST impact, Demonetisation, the farmers being striking again and again but now is the time to do something and stop complaining because no one’s perfect but we can make them act the way we want them to, at least in the fields we want them to.

Right to speech

Spoken words should be free of any barrier. Democracy has given you the liberty to counter your government and 2019 elections are the best time to do that. Look around and observe what would be the thing you would want to be part of their agendas and ask them to do so. Go out and vote! Don’t let your right get wasted by hitting the NOTA because that would be senseless of you as you are not able to decide the faith of the nation. And to those who say one vote doesn’t matter then you should go and ask the IAS aspirants losing their opportunity by the minor differences of 0.5 or 1 marks.

Youth has a great decisive role to play in the May 2019 elections. We are not there only at the time of candle marches or various strikes. We are all pervasive and so does our opinion should be to change the game.

All the best!


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