2019 elections: foes becoming friends!


It seems to be an effort of survival in politics that the two major parties who are known for their rivalry have formed an alliance today. The unexpected events make Indian politics an interesting battleground with the enemy parties choosing to land under common umbrella to grab most of the seats to attain leadership of the country.

For the Lok Sabha elections 2019, all the political parties are gearing themselves up to demote the BJP from their states. With the smart move Mayawati and Akhilesh joined hands for the contesting for 38 seats each in the state of Uttar Pradesh, out of the total 80 seats. Rest seats are further kept aside for congress (2 seats) and 2 seats for post poll alliances.

While talking about the friendly foe relationship of both the parties, the guesthouse event in 1995 is the major turning point which gave 25 years of rivalry between SP and BSP. Pondering over it, this counts to be the third pre poll alliance of the parties to vigorously impact the government of the state. Marking a comment on the event, Akhilesh Yadav sated that any disrespect of Mayawati is insulting him as well. Therefore, neither Mayawati Nor Akhilesh is worried about the leadership decisions.

Bahujan Samaj Party’s Mayawati is considered to be the leader backing the SCs and STs in the state; similarly, Samajwadi Party has the same approach. Analytically both the leaders have shown their hunger for power time to time whenever they got opportunity to do so. For instance, they have always played the identity politics to get the wider share of seats during elections. Clearly, the voters are now seeking much more than that.

“It’s a western concept to suggest that the BSP is pursuing identity politics. The Dalits can only pursue identity politics as for them the issue is existence rather than the identity. The alliance is to tell the voters that they are worthy to govern and rule. They will have to establish that they are also development-oriented along with along with fulfilling the objectives of social justice,” said Professor Vivek Kumar, head of the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, School of Social Sciences, JNU.

In my opinion, BJP will now not be able to withstand this combined opposition assault because both the parties have shown their wisdom by joining hands at the perfect time after the recent elections in the constituencies of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana. It was “indeed” a matter of consideration for all the secular political parties that voters have lost the desired interest in BJP due to some of the policies, majorly, the MSP policy and demonetization.

The parties have started playing their cards now its BJP’s turn to pull up their socks and brush up their skills as the battleground for 2019 election is going to be much unexpected. Voters are now smart enough to see the difference in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections


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