A Love Letter to Ice Cream


I scream.. you scream.. we all scream for Ice Cream

Dearest Ice Cream,

We are acquainted for a very long time now. You have been with me in my best times as well as in my worst times. Every argument with mom, every heartbreak, every fight with brother, and even some (I wish they were ‘just’ some!) bright sunny days, I have had your back. This is a universal fact for me that no matter what I go through in a day, the moment I get hold a cup of you; my day turns into better and sometimes even best!

Most people don’t understand your value and hence the love I have for you. They argue that you cannot warm someone’s life as you are too cold. Hardly matters, we both know it is untrue. Like every other thing in the world, you too are imperfect. You are rich in terms of calories and potential “poison” for obese like me. Little does it bother me, as I continue to love you to the end?

I am still not sure whether I can call this a relationship or a friendship. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. You have been there for me from the very beginning. You are such diverse in nature. Your flavors are infinite. From vanilla, strawberry, chocolate to those more complex and complicated like cookies n cream, M&Ms, or my favorite classic hot chocolate fudge. You also come in several forms, blizzard, soft serve, gelato, thick shake or the usual classic hard ice cream. Either way, you are delightful.

Just for my knowledge, has anyone of you ever tried ice cream for breakfast? I expected the answer in almost all the cases to be no. Well, it would be the most satisfying start of your day. Trust me and go for it once! On the contrary, they are undoubtedly the best way to end your day. If you ask me, having ice cream at any time in the day is never bad. You are very simple and yet very intricate and you get me better than anyone ever has. You not only help me when I just want to hit my sweet tooth but also comfort me when I am sad and help in reducing my anger when I am on fire.

Unlike some of the other good stuff, which is “seasonal”, you are good to go all around the year. I have been told an uncountable number of times that ice creams are not to be eaten in winters. But, how wrong are they? You never were a seasonal commodity which could be enjoyed only in a particular season. You are far superior to them and can be eaten no matter what the weather is.

A big thank you to you for always being there for me. Thank you for being the reason of my joy and excitement. Thank you for bringing me joy when I am sad and down. Thank you for always being available in many different forms and at all times of the year.

You can solve my each and every problem and never let me down.

With Love & Commitment,

The Girl Who Never Say No For Ice Cream



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